We Put The FUN in FUNctional Nutrition.


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Congratulations on your step towards a healthier lifestyle!

The Shakesum Difference


At under 500 calories per serving, you can satisfy that sweet tooth AND watch your waist!


Superfood creations that taste like a treat? Yesssss babyyy...you'll wanna tell EVERYBODY hunny!


To ensure freshness, your order will be blended, packaged, and in the mail NO MORE than 48 hours after hitting "Complete My Order"

About Us...

Taylor McKinnie is a UA graduate with a degree in Counseling Psychology, a Certified Personal Trainer/Nutrition Specialist with ISSA, a Banker, and currently studying medical coding at Penn Foster. Miss Taylor wears many hats, but living a healthy lifestyle will always be where her heart is. At 23, she was diagnosed with a minor health condition that could turn MAJOR and may require surgery if she did not clean up her diet. After hearing this news, she began drinking half a gallon of water a day and exercising 4 days a week. Not long after joining the gym soon met a wonderful man (who later became her fiance), who introduced her to the world of juicing. She then implemented juicing into her daily routine. A year later at her follow up doctor visit, her test results showed that her condition cleared on its own and she did not need surgery after all. This habit of juicing turned into a relaxing hobby. Taylor became a certified trainer in 2016 and started taking on clients in 2018. After speaking with clients about their diets and their food aversions, Taylor started preparing juices AND smoothies for clients and selling at her gym she trained out of. Soon, this hobby turned into a business that continues to grow through word of mouth. Taylor is extremely proud of the growth and would love to see folks around the world live a healthier lifetyle..one SIP or SPOONFUL at a time.

What The Skakesum Squad is saying

The BEST shakes ever! i can drink them all day, not only does it taste awesome but it is super healthy 


I love ALL of the smoothies, the purple and the pitaya paradise are my favorites. Oh, and the PB&J...like I said I love them ALL! And thank you for now selling REAL chondrus crispus seamoss! I will definitely be purchasing again, thank you for your awesome customer service


Love the PB&J smoothie can't wait to try the rest. She was super friendly and very professional answered all my questions right away!!!!!If you haven't got any of her items I suggest you do so!!!! 


Shout out to Taylor Mizzshakesum Akron. I purchased her mango & strawberry seamoss along with several of her juices. The flavor & consistency was absolutely amazing. I will be ordering again. #SupportSmallBusiness #supportblackownedbusinesses #youngentrepreneur