How long are the smoothies and juices good for?

All smoothies and juices should be kept refrigerated. Smoothies and juices will last 2-3 days while refrigerated and can last up to 7-9 days if frozen. 

How long is the sea moss good for?

Sea moss should be kept refrigerated. Sea moss will last 4 weeks while refrigerated and can last up to 4 months if frozen. 

Can the smoothies be used as a cleanse?

Because of the sugar content of the drinks, using as a cleanse is not recommended. However, they will make for a good meal replacement.

How many ounces are the juices and smoothies?

The bottles are 16 ounces

How many gummies come in each pack? How many should I eat every day?

Each pack contains 20 gummies. Because the gummies are less than the recommended serving of sea moss per day, you can eat the entire pack in one sitting. There is no harm to doing that.